Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Recent movies

Recently watched movies
The Prestige - good watch
Blood diamond - good acting by Leonardo DiCaprio
Contract - good watch
Fracture - good watch to see the cleverness of a crime
The Queen - wow. must watch
Michael Clayton - loved it.
The Kingdom - good action scenes
The bank job - just the last bit worth watching considering it is based on a true story.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

few more movies

North country (2005)

LA confidential (1997)

Heat (2007)

American history X (1998)

Primal fear (1996)

A beautiful mind (2001)

Will post (in a day or two) on all these movies I watched recently.

The General's Daughter

The General's Daughter (1999)

Military politics, men and their career moves, men and their behaviour towards women, women and their struggle. Nothing different from civil world. Military is no different.

Good movie until the end.
Some commercialisation.

John Travolta does what he is expected to do.
James woods
James Cromwell

Must watch for feminists and anyone who is interested in women issues. Good watch who is interested in some idea about what goes inside the military area.

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The Contender

The Contender (2000)

Great political thirller. Well made.
Cheap tactics, but very real. But decided to give some hope to the viewers, they bring justice at the end, which does not succeed in taking off that bothering feeling lurking in the back of our head reminding us that it may not happen in real world.

Gary Oldman amzes how he changes his looks. Does greatly nothing to get that.
Jeff Bridges as President of America. Convinced me as a good politician until the last speech.
Joan Allen was good except that her characterisation as honest woman won't happen in real politics. It is not good either. Either you are honest or you are in politics. They are mutually exclusive.
Willian Petersen didn't look convincing as a politician. May be I have been watching too much of him as the Crime Scene Investigating scientist.
Christian Slater should do more movies for his fans sake ;-) .

Must watch for politics lovers and for feminists.

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Women issues - must watch movies

It so happened that I watched these three movies one after other. They all deal with women issues.

North Country (2005) - based on true legal battle

The General's Daughter (1999) - based on true story

The Contender (2000)

Each deserves a separate post.

Must watch movies.


Thursday, February 22, 2007



Brad pitt, orlando bloom are the only two known actors for me.

Brad pitt gets to flirt in his training sessions with Patroclus and when he makes Hector follow him.

Very good stunt direction.

Reminded me of Ilanjcheliyan, Yavana Raani and Sandilyan a lot. Sandilyan was one brilliant author who could recreate the war and its strategies, tricks and even the minds of the planners brilliantly well.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

John Travolta

What is the name of the movie in which John travolta comes as a lawyer; works with his two other friends, one of them is the owner of their law firm; go bankrupt, but continues to fight even when his friends withdraw. declares bankruptcy etc. etc.

Thanks in advance.

Found it. A Civil action

Movies I want to see

12 Angry men (still waiting for a good DVD)

The departed - I have got a pyrated bad quality DVD. I want to see it from good DVD

The good shepherd

Monday, February 12, 2007

Hannibal the Cannibal

Red Dragon (2002)

Silence of the lambs (1991)

Hannibal (2001)

Julianne Moore is no Jodi Foster. Gary Oldman is wasted as Mason Verger in

Hannibal is more of a horror type than a Dr. Lecter type. "I tell you things you tell me things", "Clarice" (in Silence of the lambs).... worth the money. period. Red Dragon is just an yet another thriller that is all it is. Although the prequel and sequal do not suck that bad if assessed independently, they do not stand at par with the Silence of the lambs. It is one of its kind.

Antony Hopkins. You have swallowed everybodyelse's efforts, importantly the actual villains' of the movies.

Jodi could have been shown little more stronger. Her characterisation does not justify as an FBI agent.

Saturday, February 03, 2007



I loved the following conversation.

Hal: Well, I'm gonna be late. Some friends of mine are in this band. They're playing in a bar on Diversey, way down the bill, they go on about 2 to 2:30. I said I'd be there.
Catherine: Great.
Hal: They're all in the math deparment, they're really good. They have this song called 'i', you'd like it. Like lower-cased i. They just stand there and don't play anything for three minutes.
Catherine: Imaginary number.
Hal: It's a math joke... You see why they're way down on the bill.
Catherine: That's a long way to drive to see some nerds in a band.
Hal: You know, I hate when people say that. It's not really that long of a drive.
Catherine: So, they are nerds.
Hal: Oh, they're raging geeks. But they're geeks who, you know, can dress themselves and hold down a job at a major university. Some of them have switched from glasses to contacts. They, uh, play sports, they play in a band, they get laid suprisingly often... So, it makes you kinda question the whole set of terms. Geek, nerd, wonk, dilbert, paste eater...
Catherine: You're in this band, aren't you.
Hal: Ok, yes. I play the drums. You wanna come? I never sing, I swear to God.

Haven't seen A beautiful mind.

Gwyneth's acting in Proof is worth watching. Wonderful portrayal of maths brains. Wonderful portrayal of the fear of being a genius. The movie is not about "risk taking" as the tag line says, it is about her fear in accepting the package called "genius". She knows she is like her father, who was a maths genius, she fears she is like her father whose machinary is malfunctioning.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

aval appadiththaan

good points.
flow of the movie is not great.
why does a woman have to be from a "broken" home to have feministic and cynical thoughts?
why does her mother have to be a whore? Her mother, a woman herself, was portrayed and described as சாக்கடை?
why does she have to be a victim of child abuse?

Agreeing with someone's points is different from choosing a life partner. I agree with Kamal's character. (I didn't when I was unmarried).