Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Murder in the first

Muder in the First

I thought it was going to be a murder-detective movie. Wasn't expecting anything heavier than that. When the movie started with Kevin Bacon naked in the isolation cell in a Prison, sure they mentioned that it is Alcatraz, but I didn't pay attention to that and was still expecting some investigation about why Kevin in prison to start. It slowly got into my thick head that it was a different kind of movie. I had to switch off for that day, make myself ready for some heavy stuff and then I watched it the next day.

Kevin Bacon
Gary Oldman
Chritian Slater

The handsome Christian slater as handsome lawer though is a glamour factor, he does act very well, it is not that he is not an actor, it is just because, in front of Gary oldman, Kevin Bacon and the likes, Chritian Slater should have been a glamour factor when they selected the cast (imo, ofcourse). But he was very comptetent. Gary Oldman is subdued. But, the director gets the impact of his character just by his presence. He didn't have to do anything. You just know that it is Gary oldman as the Prison warden, you feel terrified of him.

It is Kevin Bacon's movie. Absolutely marvellous. Not a bit of overdoing was my favourite note of his acting. His portrayal of a man from isolation in Alcatraz prison is absolutelty beyond sane acting.

I don't know whether Siraichalai (Kala Pani in Hindi) of Priyadharsan was inspired from this movie. Although not a copy, it reminds the central theme.

Murder in the first is based on a true story.

Christian Slater looks adorable and 100% that time guy in B/W scenes.

Must watch. Heavy stuff.

A good review in another site.

Just have got couple of complaints:
1) Court scenes could have been better
2) A man kept in isolation cell showing heavy symptoms of its effect, retaining his sane behaviour though just some of them, was unconvincing.

Spy game

Spy Game

I am a sucker for conspiracy theories and FBIs and the likes. You can get me watch any movie in the name of cospiracy theories. My fav ones in this type are (in the order I have seen them)
1)Conspiracy Theory
2) The Recruit
3) Spy Game

Myself and Senthil used to fantasize when we were kids that we would become agents for Indian intelligence service when we grew up. We even knew the meaning of RAW when we were kids in Kombai and running and playing in ohdais and in dry muds (puluthis). I even attended an interview to join military. I was too thin and was rejected. I failed pathetically in physical tests. but, but, BUT, I scored 10 out of 10 in a test that hypothetically simulated a war situation, I was left in a forest with my team and my task was to bring my team out of danger. yaay. It was a nice experience. I got to stay with the military guys for four days (interview was for four days!!). Senthil attempted NDA and failed too. I still believe that we would have got it if we knew anything about preparing for it. It was just that we lived in a village where absolutely no awareness or any coaching was available for us. Although I totally agree that I am unfit for military profession, my observation during the interview was that everyone there had went for coaching, prep and even knew who the interviewer was!! I was from kombai, straight inside a military barracks in Bhopal!! ok, ok, come back to movies, but, The Recruit brought all those memories back for me. Spy Game too.

Robert Redford recruits Brad Pit as a spy for secret operations. Tom Bishop (Brad Pit) gets caught in one of his operations. Nathan Muir (Robert Redford)'s last day in service. And to make things worse, an enquiry is arranged as the Agency suspects Nathan Muir of hiding things about Tom Bishop(Brad Pit). Very gripping.

Additional interest for me was that they show couple of remote sensing (satellite) picures in the movie!!

A lot like love

A lot like love

Good masala/love plot for a Tamil movie. Only, a little modification is required as our Tamil Culture wouldn't tolerate certain things! There is a plenty of scope for song sequences!

Mercury Rising

Mercury Rising

Super action masala. But certainly very enjoyable. When Bruce Willis is there, how can you not enjoy it.

Miko Hughes as Simon Lynch at the age of 12 was amazing. He is an autistic child (in the movie), and he does it very well, I would even say, he was comparable to Dustin Hoffman of Rainman, in some scenes. He was born in 1986, and started his career in 1989! No, wait, read his biography! :)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Mystic river

Won't suggest it.

Not too bad, but have seen better.

Kevin Bacon wasted.

Sean Penn shows that its worth a watch for that one scene when he jumps when he finds out that the dead body could be his daughter.

links, more text later.

Failure to launch

Sarah Jessica Parker and Mathew Mc....

Nice plot for a nice tamil movie. no need to add any masala, it is already there.. Still enjoyed. good laugh.

He said She said

Light romantic comedy. very enjoyable. Kevin Bacon.

Will do more text later.

Mr and Mrs. Iyer


Can live with a not so great plot, flawed story line, well I confess I will complain about it, but I will still be able to watch it. Bad direction, drama like, an unnecessarily painfully slow drama like direction, nah. pure pain. The story line does sound a wonderful one, but couldn't sit through the movie. Sorry. I should have stopped after that first scene, well, did stop not too later, but, you know that unnecessary scene of that burnt child's face in a close up, absolutely unnecessary. ridiculous.