Thursday, September 21, 2006


Must watch, just for that one scene when Anthony Hopkins asks Cuba Gooding Jr "What have you lost? What have I taken from you?".

I have no idea why they selected Anthony Hopkins to play this role, it is not that I don't like him, I am an ardent fan of him since my Meet Joe Black day, I just was curious to know what made one to think of him to play this role, as I always thought Anthony Hopkins fits for sophi roles than this rough guy. Haven't seen Silence of the Lambs or Hannibal/Red Dragon so, I don't know his rough acts. Cuba Gooding is wonderful and his eyes fit exactly the description "The look in your eyes; curious, not satisfied, slightly pissed off...". :) All his "eye" acts are very nice.

Gorilla deserves an Oscar. Particularly for that dieing scene.

Must watch.

The Sentinel

The Sentinel

Michael Douglas tries his hands on action movie (thriller/conspiracy type). He looks nice and sophi, as always. Predictable villain. Too much american patriotism that they decided to change the villain a good guy at the end!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hudson Hawk

Hudson Hawk

Hate me. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this one.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Not impressed.

We have been to the Roslyn Chappel. Nice place. Will post photos and may be a post on that.

Saturday, September 02, 2006



Al Pacino. This oldie and shortie has never ceased to amaze me. I am always like that Ellie Burr girl (the character played by Hillary Swank in Insomnia) whenever I get to watch him. The insider was the first movie of him recommended to me. Couldn't sit through the movie. Either it was my mood that day that I was very tired, or it was too heavy for my taste. I didn't watch the movie and did not have any idea about him, until I watched The Devil's Advocate. The next one was The Recruit. Other than the reasons I have mentioned here, I liked the recruit for Al Pacino and for Colin Farrel. (I have seen Colin Farrel in the Phone booth and became his fan instantly). Then it was The Scent of a Woman, which I would recommend as a must watch.

Insomina as such is an alright kind of movie, if you consider the fact that it is from the Director of Memento. If you didn't know that, it was again an alright kind of movie if you consider the heavy star cast... Al Pacino, Hillary Swank, Robbin Williams.

I must mention about Hillary Swank here. I have seen her in Terror in the family, a film made for TV, and instantly I related myself to her. I don't know whether it was her looks, or it was her anger or it was her violent way of reacting (expressing)... (no. I did not abuse my parents).... as rightly said in this review of this movie, the title was misleading. The girl was a victim herself. Then one day I read in the news that she has bagged oscars!! She is a one talented girl, that I have seen for sure.

OK, coming back to Insomnia,
The place was very scenic.
The mist reminded me of my Kerla days.
When Al Pacino and Robbin Williams were shown together for the first time, the way Al Pacino was looking at Robbin Williams, I thought, that "I am gonna eat you, spit out and have coffe after that", kind of look.. Robbin williams looked soo poochi in front of Al Pacino. What a powerful face, eyes, voice (that voice).. This shortie makes the character, and the movie powerful just by being there.

Watching Al Pacino, Hillary Swank, and the place, are very enjoyable and for that reason one can consider this movie as a must watch. Otherwise as I have mentioned above, it is a great movie, but nothing special.

As always, read others comments for plot outline and good reviews.